Cabin at Mount Kanin by OFIS Architects

Located on the top of Mount Kanin in Slovenia, this stunning cabin is perfect to enjoy nature and its wonderful landscapes. This winter cabin was designed by OFIS Architects.They worked closely with various structural engineers in order to develop a self-contained wooden shell with a cantilevered form.

 The only way to reach the structure is by climbing or using a helicopter, the modules and loads are prepared according to the maximum weight and equilibrium limits. Because of its location, it was necessary for it to respect the natural environment in which it sits, ensuring the stability of the shelter while having a minimal impact on the local ecosystem.

Its narrow interior is completely clad in wood, and has glass walls where the cabin faces the mountain and the valley, allowing for the enjoyment of these views from the interior. For this, three platforms have been set up, allowing the occupants to take in the picturesque landscape. During the day, these views over the valley and the mountains can be fully appreciated, and at night, the starry sky accompanies them a true spectacle.

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