Prefab House by KWK Promes

This cylindrical prefab house created with sustainability concept by KWK Promes. This house built from natural materials with high performance envelope and uses renewable energy.

Description from KWK Promes
"Natural building materials were combined with high quality thermal insulation, elimination of thermal bridges and renewable energy installations. Proper solar orientation of windows and the roof minimize energy use making passive house standards easily accessible.

The round shape of the home makes it easily suitable for any sized or shaped lot and windows and door placement can easily be decided based upon solar orientation or desired views. The roof shape and type can also be easily changed based on climate or other necessary requirements. And finally, the interior layout is flexible and easily adapted to the family’s needs. A central spiraling staircase serves as the core of the 2,400 sq ft home with the rooms radiating out from the center. Prefabricated wooden elements help lower cost and construction time and improve overall quality. "

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