Burke House by AQSO

The Burke House stands in a low density residential area near Galway Ireland, designed by AQSO Arquitectos Office. The flat landscape is characterized by irregular plots, small roads and green pastures. Starting from a traditional house scheme, the existing building extends to incorporate a bigger living room, an extra bedroom and a study upstairs. In contrast with the closed geometry of the existing volume, the rear of the house becomes a light concrete skin enclosing a new façade totally open to the backyard.

The arrangement of the spaces and the circulation are solved with a simple gesture. The day functions are connected while the bedroom becomes an independent element. One volume rests on the other making the shape of the house a rotund staircase to capture views through a façade made by mobile louvers. This simple system allows light and privacy to be control and makes the extension a permeable element in relation to the garden. A small volume located in front of the house establishes a dialog with the main building and includes an outdoor spa.

Photos Courtesy of AQSO arquitectos office

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