Modern House Built in Triangular Site

This modern Casa O was built in triangular site in Santiago's suburban neighborhood called La Reserva. On the first floor the house is buried creating a retaining wall to the south and west. This operation allows to locate the parking lots next to a wide ramp that connects the street with the main entrance of the house. Access is articulated by a water mirror, two concrete walls and a window that shows the interior space.  

O House by 01Arq Architects
"On the first floor the project proposes to have maximum flexibility in living spaces; they can make up a single space when the sliding wall that separates the kitchen with the dining room is open. During the summer the glass facades are hidden behind concrete walls, transforming the living and dining rooms in a large covered terrace that joins the outdoor pool and garden. The kitchen opens to the south through an interior courtyard; this space organizes the service programs.

The second level contains bedrooms, bathrooms and the TV room, all four facades are  covered by a skin of wood slats that is separated to the walls so the wind can pas throw optimizing  the climatic comfort. This skin is folded to allow views of the valley from inside the house. The vertical connector located in the center of the house provides access to a roof terrace, from here you can see the valley and the Andes Mountains, this element also creates an upward airflow that allows the temperature drops inside the house last the hot summer months."


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