Contemporary Home in Halifax Dramatic Landscape

The float, a contemporary home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This contemporary home was designed by Omar Gandhi Architect in 2015.

Float by Omar Gandhi Architect:

“Set amidst the unique and dramatic landscape of Halifax’s Purcell’s Cove “backlands”, the residence is inspired by the strewn jagged bedrock field of outcrop, subcrop and bedrock float. The formal massing of the home is one which was derived to look as though it had been a larger bedrock volume (outcrop) but one which has become severed and has relocated slightly over time (subcrop or float).

The exterior fa├žade is clad is a grey washed wood cladding with slight variations in pattern, resembling bedrock strata which give further evidence of subcrop movement. The home is backed up by a several metre high large boulder which creates a private zone between the home and the rock. The home is composed of a central volume for daily living flanked by two sleeping zones, one of which can be shut off when unoccupied. From within the resident looks out at the massive view including several lakes and the ocean beyond.”

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