Jasper Place Branch Library by Hughes Condon Marler & Dub Architects

The Jasper Place Branch Library located in Edmonton, Canada. This building designed by Hughes Condon Marler together with Dub Architects.

Description of the project:
The library is organized by a large flexible social space that is sheltered by a column-free undulating roof form. This space incorporates a continuous raised floor that allows for flexibility over time and eliminated the need for services at the roof level. The social space in turn folds up from the ground place allowing for the insertion of “back of house” functions beneath a raised portion of the social space. Stairs (one of which also acts as both social space and informal amphitheatre) are located at each end of the upper level and form a continuous circulation loop. An outdoor terrace extends the public space at the south side of the upper level. The needs of the social spaces were given priority in the planning with the collections being used to define and enhance the social needs. The movement of the roof form creates differing characters and spatial conditions that help to define use. The overall result is an open, inviting and memorable public space that provides a strong public presence in a neighbourhood that has lacked meaningful indoor public space.

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