Urban Treehouse by Luciano Pia

This unique treehouse situated in Turin, Italy.  Amongst the city streets of Turin sits an oasis of green forest disguising a five-storey apartment building. The architects Luciano Pia, designed the building as an attempt to protect residents from noise and air pollution.

Urban Treehouse

The fairy-tale building creates a transition from outdoors to in, with 150 trees that absorb close to 200,000 litres of carbon dioxide an hour, filtering out exhaust fumes and street noise. This means residents have clean, fresh air and a relaxing tranquil environment. With the change of the seasons, the trees create a microclimate inside the building, regulating temperature by blocking out the heat of the sun in the summer and letting in warm light in the winter.  There are 63 units, each with a terrace. The exterior gardens have been designed with carefully chosen plants to offer a seasonal variety of colour, foliage and flowers.

Urban Treehouse, Luciano Pia

Urban Treehouse by Luciano Pia

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