Small Green House integrated with Garden

The North Carlton Green House, a small green house designed by Zen Architects in Melbourne. The small site be used to maximum potential to increase the size of the house and also the garden space. Garden is integrated into the building to create a living, breathing, sustainable space that is a delight to inhabit. Two courtyards contain garden beds that protrude into the house and a pond that reflects light onto the ceiling. A rooftop garden provides more garden and first floor planter boxes act as privacy screens. A curtain of tillandsia air plants articulates light, while wysteria provides external shade. Floor area increased from 90m2 to 132m2 and garden is also increased from 20m2 to 35m2 as ground floor garden, first floor roof-top garden, raised planters and existing tree canopies link to create a landscape rich in diversity. This house proposes a model where ecology is the foremost concern. Green space is increased, while demands of client and planning authorities are met. A series of similar houses layered with green space would link horizontally and vertically creating a healthy, green urban environment rich in biodiversity.

small house




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