Beach House by hughesumbanhowar Architects

The "Beach Road 2" modern beach house sited in beach line in Jupiter Island Florida, designed by hughesumbanhowar architects. The house is made of three materials glass, aluminum boat hull and sand, coupled to create shelter. Sand encloses the sleeping area, aluminum the entertaining space, and glass the contemplative living space.

hughesumbanhowar Architects

These 3 “boxes” are arranged to take advantage of site orientation: the two story high ceramic fritted glass box with views to the south; the sand box to the north with punched openings for privacy and soft morning light; the center aluminum box houses the kitchen, designed as a stage set and focus for entertaining guests, preparation and eating of meals. Aluminum louvers on the west facade filter western light. A lap pool on the roof increases landscaping on the site, shelters swimmers from the ocean breezes and expands views through skylights within the pool floor.

beach house

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