Lenovo's Laser Projector Smartphone: Smart Cast

Typing on smartphones has never been tremendously easy, but Lenovo thinks it has a solution to the physical limitations of a 5-point-something inch device: projectors.

Smart Cast by Lenovo
The company has used its Lenovo Tech World conference to announce the Smart Cast, a smartphone with a built-in laser projector. The concept device projects a full-scale keyboard (or piano, or gaming screen) onto a surface below, enabling users to make use of a much bigger piece of virtual "hardware" than would usually be possible.

Smart Cast by Lenovo

The projector is said to be "focus free", a significant difference to those included on pocket devices already, such as the Pico projector and even a couple of smartphones. As well as the table projection it will also be able to cast films and games onto a wall like a normal projector.

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