Aluminium House by UNIT Arkitektur

This extension house program projected by UNIT Arkitektur around the lake Gärdsken, in the southern parts of Alingsås, Sweden. Originally, these were small wooden two storey houses with a basement in stone and vernacular detailing. Nowadays however, almost every single house is rebuilt and enlarged beyond recognition. The owners of one of the few houses left intact wanted more space as well as renovating the existing house.

Aluminium House by UNIT Arkitektur
There is a well-developed grammar in Swedish building culture on how to extend a house with a traditional gable roof; usually a ridge is established at right angles to the existing one. To be successful this requires that the extension is subordinate in size. The new wing “devoured” the old house. Thus we chose instead to aim for maximum contrast in expression. On the eastern part of the plot is a beautiful old stand of trees. A large custom made shelf is the element that obscures the garden in the second step and forms a filter between the hallway and the living room with its view of the garden.

Aluminium House by UNIT ArkitekturAdd caption
Aluminium House by UNIT Arkitektur
A new corridor and entrance is introduced between the new building and the existing house. The new living room has a maximum of openness towards the garden, but is closed to the street to ensure privacy. At the same time, the city planning office required window openings in this façade to lighten up the impression from the street. The solution was to shape the aluminium sheets of the façade as a trellis for growing vines. The laser cut pattern is inspired by vines and forms a favorable shape for the tendrils to climb on. The house is founded on masonry walls. The bottom floor is constructed of 220mm beams while the roof is supported by glulam beams. As the façade material was chosen 3 mm anodized aluminium plates applied with stainless recessed screws on an adjustable framework of galvanized steel profiles. All sheets are prefabricated at the workshop. The extension is heated with floor heating. Aluminium can be utilized with a raw or anodized surface. Eventually raw aluminium forms an oxide layer, but it’s just one-hundredth as thick as is achieved in anodizing. It also makes a more organic impression with streaks from running water and a living surface. An advantage is however the ability to bend the raw aluminum on the construction site.

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