Modern Velvet Profile I Kitchen by GeD Arredamenti Srl

This modern kitchen line has a powerful technical and aesthetic impact. The design makes the most of the chemical and physical characteristics of the materials to give practical quality and durability. Velvet Profile "I" has a “flat-groove” opening system, which epitomizes its basic style without compromising its practicality. The electric Push-Pull Servo-Drive unitopening system is available as an optional feature. The 25 mm thick doors and the decorative surfaces come in a number of materials: lacquered tempered glass in 12 colours, with aluminium frames; lacquered MDF in 24 colours (+ special lacquers); 18 different varieties of oakveneered wood and black walnut; another 8 types of special wood. There are also 9 new colours for 3 layers solid wood Oak. The items in the Velvet Profile range can be matched with those in the Velvet Handle selection.

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