Living Room Inspiration from Alf Da Fre

Living Room

These modern living room furniture collection from Italian company Alf Da Fre, presented for people who loves modern minimalist room decorating. This living room design integrated with fine lines with neutral colors like black and white. Also usually integrated with fine lines and contrasting colors of natural materials like wood for geometric forms and completed more than metal. Neutral palette is then emphasized by using a minimum of bright, bold colors. Completing the area rug and make a statement in a room that adds convenience and contemporary feel to the room. Texture added to the area with textured cushions in many colors that are found in carpets and pews. Leather bench adds convenience and functionality for the family. And can also add multiple appliances such as television, stereo system, bookcase, coffee tables, and lighting systems.

Living Room Inspiration

Modern Living Room

Living Room

Living Room Ideas

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