Apartment Interior by OKHA

The interior design created for this penthouse enabled the structure to have a smooth and continual flow from one zone to another. Majority of the industrial materials utilized for the construction is to emphasize the sense of space, reflection and transparency which is prominent usually with country living. The modern architects and designer have introduced the organic textural and tactile elements to this inspirational layout.

As a result, it demonstrated sophistication and luxury yet gives off a calming effect not usually present in a busy city. The organic elements utilized in the project included timber and flamed granite in order to soften and add contrasting component to the modern city drama. Smooth connectivity between sections is essential throughout the space so that it gives each area its own unique look.

The interior design involved specific furniture and furnishings that are different from one area to another. In addition, color accents are also unique to each region. The overall color scheme incorporated in the design is black and white with additional colors that give it an exotic accent to the entire architectural design. It is definitely unique, standalone and is oozing with urban lifestyle.

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